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I learned a little about the Study Abroad program today. It seems like such a wonderful opportunity. The school offers a few ambassadorships that cover 100% of the cost of the study abroad program. They have several countries to choose from and I would be thrilled to go to any one of them. I am going to try for one of the ambassadorships. I  need to learn more about the program and the best way to improve my chances of receiving a scholarship for the program. I have never been anywhere. I did get to make a quick trip out of TN to SC to visit Marks parents, but otherwise I have never been anywhere. I have never been on an airplane. I have not been to the ocean. I have always wanted to travel, but have never been able to do so. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to see another part of the world, to experience another culture.

A couple of the classes that are being offered include a Women’s Study course in Africa , Theatre in London, and an Ancient Archaeology course in Peru. My heart flutters to even think about how amazing it would be to participate in one of these programs. I cannot think of a more perfect setting for either one of those courses.

Can you tell I am a little excited about the possibilities?



I received the ambassadorship. I am floored. I cannot believe that this summer I will be traveling to England for three weeks. I am without words to express how amazing this is going to be. I am so excited. I know my life is about to change. Motlow Community College is helping me make all of my dreams come true.



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