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Catching my breath!

Just finishing up my second week of school and we are already three chapters into each class. I have done a ton of reading, quite a bit of homework, and even a couple of tests. I have a test over four chapters and a play in theatre on Monday. I have quite a bit of reading to do over the weekend, along with a discussion post, a quiz, and research for an International Module in Geology. We are working as a group on a project. I have never had much success with group projects, but I am trying to stay optimistic. I hope that everyone will just do their part and show up for group meetings so that we can do well on the project.

We also have an international module project in Honors Psychology. I think that it will be an interesting experience. We started discussing it today and I will likely start to work on it next week. It is not due until November 3rd, but it is a major project that includes a paper.

I feel a little overwhelmed sometimes, which is unusual for me. I did not really have the sense of feeling bombarded last year. I was working full time back then as well. I am out of work right now, but once I start back to work I wonder how in the world I am going to manage to get everything done that needs doing. I guess I will manage, but it is a bit daunting at times.

I love school so much,  my biggest fear is that I will not be able to work and go to school full time. I think I would rather live in a hut and continue my education than to drop out of school. I am not so sure my family would feel the same way. I had this same fear last year, but we managed to make it work. I am sure we will continue to do so.

Theatre is a lot of fun. We have been watching Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, something that I probably would never have looked at on my own. It is fantastic. The costumes are splendid. The music is great, and the show is very entertaining. I really do not know much about theatre other than what I have been learning in class. I wish that I had some talent so that I could participate more fully in the theatre program. I can not dance, sing or act so I guess I will just have to be content with being an audience member.

Media Writing and Mass Communications are both interesting. We had to do a Media Timeline for Mass Communications class, and that was a lot of fun. It was a nice trip down memory lane. I had all but forgotten about things like pit fall on the Atari, and the debut of MTV. I chose to do my timeline in digital format, and probably went a little overboard on content. We have not received a grade yet, but hopefully I did well. We are doing journal entries every Wednesday for Media Writing class. This has also been interesting, because of the topics that she has given us to write about. I may share some of those entries with you later on down the road.

Geology is my first science class since the 9th grade. I am struggling a bit with some of the terminology, but mostly getting the concepts. I really do love this subject. I am fascinated by Earth Science. I am not sure if I am any good at Science, but happy to be getting my toes wet. If it turns out that I have a knack for Science who knows where that will lead me. Geology is a good career path. It is hard not to get excited about Geology when your teacher is so enthusiastic. Her love for the subject is positively infectious. We finally got to have Geology Lab this week. We missed out on the first lab, because of Labor Day. This was my first time seeing minerals up close and personal. They really are very cool. We have to learn to identify them by sight. I am looking forward to learning about this. I think it would be great to take my boys hiking and to able to actually identify various geological aspects of the area for them. It could be a good way to get them interested in Science at an early age. What little boy doesn’t like rocks?

Psychology is as fascinating as I anticipated. My teacher is very good at explaining the concepts in terms that we can understand. He is also very supportive and seems to enjoy all of the questions that we have for him. Our class is very inquisitive so we tend to get him off track with all of our questions. You can tell that he also loves the subject that he teaches. I think that even after all of his years in the field he is just as amazed as we are at the complexity of the human mind. It is refreshing to see, and equally refreshing is the fact that he is willing to admit that he does not have all of the answers.

All in all I have had a very good first couple of weeks. I am sure that things will get a little easier once I get used to the schedule and get more organized. Figuring out a system that works is just part of the process.


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