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Honors Scholarship

I learned today that there is one more honors scholarship available for this semester. I am going to apply for it, if I qualify. I am taking honors classes and plan to continue that next semester. It would certainly help us out a lot and take some stress off of me if I could get this award.

I am trying to decide if I want to put off graduating next year and take an extra semester at Motlow so that I could graduate with honors. I am not sure yet if that is the best option or if I should just graduate as planned and enter the honors program at MTSU. I don’t have to make any decisions about that right now, but its always good to know your options. I will be the first person in my family to earn a college degree and it would be especially sweet to graduate with honors. I know that my daddy would be so proud of me. I wish he was here to see me doing so well in school.


9-30-11 I received the Honors Scholarship. I am so grateful for this, it really is going to help out so much. I feel so proud to have received this award. I decided to put off graduation so that I can graduate with honors. I have been given a second chance, an amazing opportunity to get an education. I feel like I need to strive to do the best that I can and to get the most out of this opportunity, especially since I am receiving financial aid and scholarships.

I also want other people to know about all of the opportunities that are available to them. There really are a multitude of ways to finance your education. Do not think that you cannot afford to go to college. You can! There is a wide variety of financial aide, grants, scholarships and loans available to those who wish to peruse an education. There is help for you no matter where you are in life.  A single mom,  a veteran, over 40 and looking for a career change, or fresh out of high school there is help for every one who needs it.


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