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The Spell of Sleeping Beauty

The Motlow Community College Children’s Play, The Spell of Sleeping Beauty was held November 2nd through the 4th and November 10th through 11th in Eoff Hall at the Lynchburg, TN campus to sold out crowds for every showing.

 The children’s play presented by the THEA 2020 class celebrates the 29th year the production was directed by Humanities Department Chair, Debbie Zimmerman. The Spell of sleeping beauty is an adaptation of the famous Grimm’s Fairytale written by Vera Morris.

The King and Queen of Never Nod are preparing for a celebration throughout the kingdom in honor of the birth of Princess Briar-Rose. However, when the sinister witch, Evilina, shows up uninvited things start spinning out of control.

Motlow Student Stephanie Bottum, of Manchester played a dual role as both Quill and the false princess. She said, “This was probably one of the most gratifying things I have done in college.” This marks Stephanie’s second year in the Children’s Production at Motlow.

The children’s play is presented each fall at Motlow Community College. Admission is free and open to the public. Every individual in the Children’s drama class participates in the production of the play. This year they entertained more than 6,000 children over the course of five days, with more than 600 additional children on waiting lists.


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