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Motlow Community College International Festival

November was International month, and Motlow Community College celebrated their 5th annual International Festival. The community was invited to join students in a trip around the world through food and music.

The festival took place November 16, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., in the Marcum Technology Center on the Moore County Campus. Jeannie Brown, coordinator of International Education at Motlow said, “This year’s festival was the biggest and best yet”. Twenty-seven booths representing countries such as Greece, Egypt, Peru and Switzerland were laden with exotic foods, and decorative representations of their cultures.

Motlow College has students from more than 30 countries. Cultural diversity and International Education are important aspects of a well-rounded education, Motlow supports both through a variety of events such as the International Festival and their study abroad program. The Motlow Study Abroad program, offered through the Tennessee Consortium of International Studies (TNCIS), provides students with an opportunity to study in one of 18 different countries. Partial and full scholarships are available for students who wish to expand their horizons, and experience a different culture while studying abroad.

Motlow awarded three prizes to the departments whose tables were the best representations of their country. The Business & Technology Department took first place for their Mexico display complete with a brightly colored piñata and sombreros. The beautiful decorations accompanied a table overflowing with traditional Mexican fare such as fajitas, soft tacos, salsa and guacamole.

Motlow International Festival

Students lined up to sample the tasty treats offered at each table that included everything from traditional Irish stew to a fountain of Belgian chocolate.


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