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First Semester at Motlow – Loved Every Moment!

I have not had much free time to write in this blog. School, work and family keep me so busy, but I love every moment of it. I have had an amazing experience this semester at Motlow State Community College. I loved all of my professors, and learned so much this semester. I definitely prefer this traditional schedule to the college express classes. I really did not feel like I learned much in the five week courses. The College Express courses are fantastic for people who cannot do a traditional schedule, and it does allow you to earn your degree faster, which is important for working adults. I did learn, don’t get me wrong, its a great program, but for me the traditional schedule just seems more satisfying. I am here as much for the learning experience as I am for the degree.

This semester I had some fantastic professors and the classes were all very good.

I had Mrs. Brown for Honors Theater. Mrs. Brown really loves theatre. She wants her students to experience theatre, not just read about it. She works hard to get grants so that the costs of attending live performances is minimal, if not free. If you still cannot afford it let Mrs. Brown and she will make it happen. She truly cares about her students and wants them to have those experiences. I fell in love with Theatre. We had an opportunity to see four live performances this semester. I was able to attend three of those. The first one we went to see was Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was a total blast. I love it and hope to see it again next year. I really want to go on Halloween night. I bet it is out of this world. The next play that we went to see was Wicked at TPAC, and this show blew me away. I don’t know if I even have words to describe to you have awe inspiring this production was. If you have a chance to go and see this play. GO! I did not make it to Young Frankenstein, but those who did gave it shining reviews too. The next show that I got to attend was put on by Motlow’s Children’s Theatre class. The Spell of Sleeping Beauty was delightful. I got to watch it with a few hundred grade school kids and their reactions were priceless. The cast was magnificent.

Mrs. Brown’s class is not an easy one, but it is informative, fun, and thought provoking. I don’t know why people take these appreciation classes thinking that they are going to get an easy A. You still have to read, show up for class, and do the work. We had to write a play critique, character analysis, and responding to production paper. We also had an international module that was a large part of our grade. I thought that all of these projects were fun and interesting. If you are even remotely interested in theatre, if you like watching plays, and musicals, you should take this class. You will enjoy it. You will love Mrs. Brown.

I had Mrs. Williams for both Media Writing and Intro to Mass Communications. Mrs. Williams knows her stuff, she has worked in the industry and is very knowledgeable about the field of Communications. She made sure that we had plenty of opportunities to actually write in Media Writing class. We did journal entries weekly, and we also had an opportunity to write for broadcast, the web, and print. She did not grade the papers too harshly, but she did make sure that you understand what you were doing wrong in terms of grammar, punctuation, content and style. She did bleed on our papers with red ink, but her criticisms were always of the constructive sort. She was also very willing to work with you anything that you were having problems with. She is a good teacher, great motivator, and very supportive. The intro to Mass Communications class is a blast. You will have an opportunity to do a lot of creative projects. She encourages you to think outside of the box and to be as creative as you like. I did a digital timeline, a power point, and a video for some of my projects. If you show up to class every day and do the assigned work you will pass this class. Mrs. Williams goes over all of the material thoroughly. You always know what is going to be on tests. She makes the class fun and interesting. The current event quizzes are the only exception, she will just pop those on you but she also tells you from day one that you need to make sure that you check the news daily and are aware of what is going on in the world. She does not dig for obscure facts, all of the questions on the current events quizzes would be common knowledge to anyone who watches/reads the news. If you are going into the field of Communications you need to know what is going on in the world, that is her reason for giving these quizzes.  I am taking Mrs. Williams for two more classes next semester. If you are interested in communications, of if you just need to fill an elective I would recommend her classes.

I had Mrs. Mayo for Geology. I mentioned her earlier in my blog. I have never met anyone so passionate about rocks. She loves Geology and if you take her class you are bound to enjoy it. She is full of energy and is a really nice person. She took us on a couple of field trips that were a lot of fun. I certainly look at the landscapes that I cover a lot more closely now than I did before this class. I am also more aware of what is happen to the world that I live on. If you are interested in Geology or even environmental science you would enjoy this class and Mrs. Mayo is a blast.  Her tests are not easy, you have to know the material to be able to answer the questions. She shows lots of videos so if you are a visual learner you would do well in the class. We had a couple of fun projects including a field report on one of the field trips, and an international module in the form of a poster. Mrs. Mayo is also good about discussing career opportunities available to those going into the field. She even provided us with a list of job/intern opportunities during the summer with National Parks from all over the country. Her class is not easy, but she is fair and she will help you all that she can without handing things to you. If you work hard, show up for class, and so a genuine interest and effort you will do fine.

I had Dr. Guerin for Honors Psychology. Dr. Guerin was a clinical psychologist for many years before coming to teach. He knows this material very well, but more importantly, he is able to teach it on a level that we can understand. Sometimes super intelligent people have a hard time communicating details in terms that those of us with normal IQ’s can understand. Dr. Guerin is very down to earth, approachable, and an excellent teacher. He puts things in a way that makes it easy to follow, and he encourages you to ask questions. I also love the fact that he does not expect you to agree with him, or even with what the books says. This class taught me as much about critical thinking as it did psychology. I enjoyed the discussion questions that we answered weekly. Dr. Guerin’s tests are not easy. You will have to read and understand the materials, but if you attend class that will be no problem because he explains it all to you. I also appreciate the fact that all of the quizzes, tests, discussion questions, etc. were all available to be done from day one. He encourages you to work ahead if you like, and he follows his syllabus. That kind of structure and open format that lets you know exactly what is expected of you, and allows you to work ahead is fantastic for people like me who have such chaotic home/work lives. Dr. Guerin is also very supportive of his students. He encourages you to strive for excellence and is willing to help you obtain it. A wonderful class for anyone interested in Psychology or looking for an interesting class to fill an elective. We had weekly quizzes, and discussion questions. We had four exams. All of them were online. This is not an easy class, you will have to understand the material to pass the exams, but it is an extremely interesting class with an excellent instructor.

I could not be happier with the classes and instructors that I had this semester at Motlow Community College. I am excited to start next semester. My classes for the Spring term include: Intro to Electronic Media, Survey of New Media, Literature of the South – Honors,  Psychology of Human Sexuality – Honors, and American Government.

I am waiting on grades for this semester, they should be posted the first of next week. I know that I made an A in Psychology and in Theatre. I feel good about all of my grades. I am hoping for a 4.0 for the semester. I am going to try and double major in Mass Communications and Political Science. I am not sure if I will be able to get the scheduling down in order to pull that off, and graduate with Honors. I am going to try, if it comes down to choosing between Honors and Double Major though I will go with Honors. =)


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