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ChinaNOW – Institute of International Education

One of the guest speakers that we had during International Week at Motlow was Mr. D.K. Wu. He spoke to our class about studying abroad in China. Mr. Wu is the president of ChinaNOW- Institute of International Education. ChinaNOW is an independent institute of higher education specialized in China studies and cross-culture relations. Students learn in an interactive environment side-by-side with peers from the US, Europe, and China.


Mr. Wu and Motlow Professor of History Dr. Bowlby in China.

Mr. Wu shared some impressive information with us about how important international relations are for everyone, no matter their field of study. ChinaNOW offers programs including China in International business in cooperation with Shanghai University, an International Kongfu Camp in cooperation with Shanghai University of Sport, Chinese language programs, and Custom Designed Programs (CDP) are tailored according to the individual interests of any school or group of students.

The costs of the programs vary greatly, but the institute does offer discounts and scholarships. The U.S.-Sino Culture Exchange Scholarship was founded in 2009 to attract more American students to study in China. The program plans to award 10,000 scholarships in the four year period (2009-2012), open both to degree and non-degree students.

You can learn more about these amazing opportunities and the scholarships by visiting their website at ChinaNOW .


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