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I decided to rent most of my books for this past semester. I chose after a bit of research and questions to previous and current users. My experience with Chegg was extremely positive. I had a bit of a snafu in the beginning, books were accidentally sent to my previous mailing address. I made contact with Chegg about the issue after noticing the error when checking the shipping status on the UPS site. Chegg took care of the problem immediately. They did not make me wait until the first set of books made their way back to them before sending out news ones. They sent out a new order immediately and expedited shipping on their own dime. I received the books, all in excellent condition a few days later.

About a week later the original shipment of books wound up on my door step. So now I had two sets of books, and all I could think was that I was grateful that they did not wind up at someone’s home never to be seen again. I took the books to UPS immediately and had them returned to Chegg.

When the semester ended and it was time to send the books back to Chegg it literally took me about 15 minutes to print off the pre-paid shipping label, put the books back into the boxes that they arrived in a few months earlier, tape it all up and drop it off at the UPS location just down the street.  Chegg sent me an email when the books arrived.

I would recommend this service to anyone. I saved a bundle of cash by renting the books, and the process was very simple. I was afraid that it was going to be a hassle to have to pack up books and send them back but they make it super easy. You just use the boxes the books came in, or any box at all if you lose those. Print a shipping label that they provide for you, and drop the books off at UPS. No shipping costs. No headaches. Chegg customer service is prompt and friendly should you run into any problems.

I will be using them again this semester. Thanks Chegg for a great experience for a first time renter.


7 comments on “Book Rentals

  1. tootlepedal
    December 21, 2011

    This looks like a good scheme.

    • eduthusiast
      December 21, 2011

      Wow I thought I was a cynic. Just because someone has something nice to say about a company it must be a scheme? I can assure you that I have no ties to Chegg what so ever, other than the books I ordered from them this past semester, they don’t know I exist. I do understand the skepticism though, I am as skeptical as they come.

      • tootlepedal
        December 29, 2011

        I wasn’t being cynical at all. If I had wanted to say what you thought I was saying, I would have said scam not scheme. I meant that it sounded like a really good functioning idea. I am sorry that I upset you. I certainly didn’t mean to. When I was a student, (hundreds of years ago) we just bought second hand books off previous students and sold them on at the end of the course.

      • eduthusiast
        December 29, 2011

        I apologize it seems we both came off in ways not intended. I was not upset by your reply, but I did misunderstand your meaning. I am sorry about that. I appreciate your reply and clearing up your intentions. I apologize for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

  2. Learning Through Play
    December 24, 2011

    It does sound as though Chegg has a good model in place. Customer service (especially in the cases of shipping errors) is critical, and from your experience Chegg seems to have that taken care of!

    • eduthusiast
      December 24, 2011

      I can only speak from my own experience. I would always recommend that people do their research before using any new service. There are several other companies who offer book rentals that I am sure are also very good, I just have not used them so I cannot speak from personal experience. I will likely stay with Chegg as long as they continue to meet my needs, provide good customer service, and competitive pricing.

  3. The Hook
    December 27, 2011

    You are VERY wise to rent your books! The savings will come in handy for luxuries… like food!

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