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And So.. It Begins…

I had a restless night to go along with the previous three or four. I have been far too excited to sleep. I am going to miss my husband and my kids but I am so grateful for this opportunity. I still cannot believe I am going to London, England. Little ole me,  Miss Stay at Home Momma, never been out of the sticks, never been further away from home than South Carolina and here I am about to hop on  jet to fly across the ocean to another country. For Real!

My good friend Karen picked me up bright and early to head to the airport. I had to be there by 10 A.m., we made good time and were able to stop at Shoney’s to grab a bite of breakfast. I was too nervous to eat much, but at least I wouldn’t have an empty stomach.  It was a struggle for me to keep a cap on the excitement and nervousness that consumed me. Karen is a great conversationalist and good at easing ones fears I was fortunate to have her with me.

Stephanie and Olivia at the Nashville Airport

We found our group as soon as we walked through the doors at the Nashville airport, everyone was there saying their goodbyes. I wished that my husband and kids could have been there to see me off, but it would have been that much harder so I guess it is best that we said our goodbyes at home. We were ushered through a surprisingly short line where our bags were checked and went through security before going to the terminal to wait for our flight. The whole process was quick and painless even though I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

I sat with Stephanie and Olivia while waiting for the flight. It was nice to know some of the people who were going along on the trip

and I was looking forward to getting to know those that I do not. Stephanie and Olivia have both been to London before and were great about giving me tips on what to bring along and what to expect as far as weather, transportation and that sort of thing.

TNCIS Group Waiting for Flight out of Nashville TN

There is a pretty large group on this TNCIS trip. I believe 31 total and quite a few of them from my college Motlow State, we also have two instructors from our institute and one instructor who is shadowing I believe. This should be a very interesting trip.

I was pretty nervous about the flight. I was grateful that my first time on a plane was little more than a hop. We would be going from Nashville to Atlanta and then from there the long flight to London.

I was there, I had my ticket in hand, my bags had been checked, I was really doing this!!



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