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We have arrived!

Well we made it! The flight wasn’t too bad, but we did run into a thunderstorm over the ocean that was pretty scary. The lightening and turbulence scared me and after that sleep was impossible because of the adrenaline coursing through my body. The food served on the plane was pretty awful but I was able to consume enough to hold me until we get a chance to eat in London. It was a long flight, made longer by the fact that sleep never found me, despite the fact that I had slept little more than 10 hours the past three days. There were some good movie and movie choices on the plane and that helped pass the time.

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The wait at London Heathrow Airport was longer than we expected due to a delay with the bus. Thank goodness we have a wonderful take-charge director (Mrs. Brown) who immediately got on the phone and got the wheels rolling. It was kind of cool to hang out in the airport for a while just to take in all of the different travelers there were people coming and going from all corners of the globe or so it seemed to me.  I guess now I can call myself an international traveler too. =)

The bus ride was interesting, I think I may actually have dozed off a few times on the ride from the airport to our hostel. I enjoyed the ride and my first glimpse of London. It is really strange to see people driving on the wrong side. It took about an hour to get there and then we had the fun task of lugging our giant luggage up the steps of the hostel.

So here we are The Generator Hostel in London, home sweet home for the next three weeks. =)


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