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Update London Trip

I had an amazing time in London but the internet connection where we were staying was atrocious so I was unable to update my blog. I will still be sharing my experience here. I will posts a daily account, it will just be retroactive I suppose, but I am looking forward to sharing these life changing moments with you.


4 comments on “Update London Trip

  1. 3D Eye
    July 3, 2012

    Looking forward to those posts. Sorry to hear about that poor connection. And very sorry about the atrocious weather in London. We were worried it might spoil your trip. If it’s any consolation the weather is even worse now than when you were here!

    • eduthusiast
      July 3, 2012

      I actually prefer the weather there to the 100 plus degrees I have come home to. The weather did nothing to detract from our time in London it was wonderful.

  2. 3D Eye
    July 3, 2012

    That’s brilliant – so glad you enjoyed the trip. We’ve been hearing about the heatwave in the U.S., and the terrible fires in Colorado. I’m still hoping for some warmer weather here by the time the Olympics begin – for all our sakes!

  3. Pit
    August 8, 2012

    I’ll be looking forward to reading your posts. London must have changed ever so much since I was there last – in 1963!
    I hope you’r eenjoying your stay there,

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