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The Birth of an App for the Center for Popular Music at MTSU

We did it!

The app that we created for the Center for Popular Music in our class last semester is now available at  in the iTunes app store.

How exciting is that?

You can get the CPM – The Stacks App Now, its FREE!

The project was part of a Middle Tennessee State University, JOUR 4800 Sminar in Media Issues: News App Design & Content Course. This was a truly collaborative experience that gave students  a glimpse of what it is like to work on a “real world” project. The team worked in groups and independently with a lot of outside of class time hours put into the project by both students and instructors.

I just want to mention the fact that none of us had ever tried to create an app before and most of us had no experience in video production. We learned a ton in a short period of time and I think managed to put together a very nice product that the CPM and our team can be proud to show the world.

Each student had the opportunity to touch on every aspect of the app creation process. All content, writing, video, editing, photography, design and production was shared among the entire team. Every member had a strong point whether it was in design or writing, but they were required to step outside of their comfort zones and participate in areas where they had little or no experience.

The instructors tried to stand back and guide the process while leaving the decisions and work up to the students. As an adult student, with experience in the workforce, I know the value of this type of course work. This experience will serve the students well as they enter their respective fields.

I am so proud to have been a part of this small group that worked so hard to develop and design this magazine app and also  create all of the content for this magazine app in just one short semester and with so few hands on deck. The team was made up of six students (Caleb Baldree, Margaret Blakemore, Emily Ford, Gracie Robinson, Katie Smith and myself) and two instructors (Leslie Haines and Val Hoeppner).

I have to give props to MTSU and particularly those in the College of Mass Communication who continue to push for more relevant, real world, collaborative coursework to provides students with hands on experience that will give them a leg  up in their industry. I also must say thank you for the opportunity to work with some great technology and state of the art equipment that was made possible by an MTSU ITD technology grant.

Below are a few screen grabs and behind the scenes shots. Check out the App today and let us know what you think.


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