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A Team of One Inspires a Team of Four

We selected three app ideas to work on for the class and were broken into three teams to start the process of finding out if our product is viable. Our team has four members including myself, Daniel, Matthew and Dominique.

Our team will be looking at the possibility of an Event Finder App for the Murfreesboro TN area. We are starting out with a little research to determine what types of Event Finder apps and other similar products are already on the market. We will look at demographics and take a sample survey to determine if there is an audience for an Event Finder app, then we will report our findings to the class.

We started reading the course material that consists of three textbooks and a myriad of websites and articles on User Experience.  We are currently focusing primarily on the book  User Experience Team of One by Leah Buley. We will be using the information provided in our text and other resources to help us along the way.

I discovered that User Experience is something I have done in the past and continue to do on some level in my current position as a Digital Media Coordinator. Throughout my professional life I have often found myself in the position Buley describes as the “Team of One” being the only person on the team that understands the how, why and value of a particular piece of the puzzle such as UX and often times the only person advocating for its use.

User Experience combines many of the things that I love including technology, research and psychology. I started my college career as a Psychology Major, before switching to Mass Communication with a focus in New Media. I never even considered UX as a career option, but the more I learn the more interested I become in the possibility of perusing that path.

I am looking forward to learning more of what I hope will be applicable information. For now, I leave you with this awesome video; Leah Buley Shares Secrets of Being a UX Team of One.

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