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Suddenly my education becomes all about YOU!

I love it when courses sync up and there is this sort of cross-platform learning that takes place. That seems to be exactly what is happening this semester, everything we  are doing is all about:

The User   2e3a9b6d936b8a233c22423597e304f5

The Audience

The Target Market

Those classes include Public Relations Publications, Media & Messages, Intro to User Experience and Stop Motion Animation.

Although the focus is the same, the methods and approaches vary from course to course providing me with a more in depth and well-rounded education in how to target, reach and please the user/audience/market.

Oh and there is this delightful side effect, by thinking so much about YOU, I get to momentarily forget about me and all of the stuff I need to get done before mid-terms.

So thanks….. I think!

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